How to create a DIY planter bag using kraft paper

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Easy tutorial on how to make water safe paper planter bags / cricket designs www.grillo-designs.comLearn how to create a waterproof pot bag using Kraft or packing paper!

Aside from its most obvious function (wrapping fragile items for travel packages if you didn’t know), kraft paper is great for doodling and… making planter bags! Especially waterproof ones like the ones below!

A pair of planter bags made from wrapping paper/kraft/grillo designs


Can you really buy washable brown paper on Etsy? You know, the kind that doesn’t immediately turn to mush when you water your plants, but will cost you an arm and a leg to buy? However, my planter bag idea is a much cheaper alternative. I’ll show you how, because that’s how I’m good 😉


materials used to make a paper planter bag / grillo designs




You will first need to cut the wrapping paper to the desired length and height. I wanted a fairly large bag, so I kept the height as it was and the width of about 60 cm. I used a ruler to make sure my lines were cut straight.

DIY Paper Plant Bag Tutorial / Grillo Designs

Then, apply the adhesive paper to one full side of the packing paper.


As you can see in the image below, my app looks a bit amateurish. The roll of black adhesive paper I used was not long enough to cover the entire kraft paper in one go, so I had to fill in a lot of gaps. Let me reassure you; It doesn’t matter if this part isn’t done perfectly because no one will see it!

apply adhesive paper to brown paper to make waterproof pot bags/grillo designs

Flip the paper over to the brown paper side and cut off any excess edges of the contact paper with the scissors.

cut off excess contact paper in this planter bag tutorial / grillo designs


You should stick with a more durable paper like this. Brown on one side and black adhesive paper on the other.

both sides of planter bags / grillo designs

Straighten the paper and fold the opposite ends so that they meet in the middle (with a very slight overlap). Remember that the side covered with sticky paper will become the inside of your bag, so make sure that only the brown side is visible at this point.


Fold both ends of the paper to make planter bags/cricket designs

Use glue to hold the two overlapping ends together. You should end up with a rectangular shape like the image below.

Folded sides to make planter bags/cricket designs

Fold the bottom of the sack up; this will become the base of your plant, so it’s important to decide here how wide you want that base to be. The longer the fold, the wider the base will be.


Make the base for your planters / grillo designs

Make a diamond shape with the bottom part you just folded over and fold it flat.

Make a diamond shape on your base planters / grillo designs

Then fold the bottom and top corner edges of the diamond into small triangular flaps.


Make triangular flaps at the base of your planters/grillo designs

Secure it in place with tape. I also used glue here for added strength! The image below isn’t perfect, I know, but then again… it’s another part that no one will see.

secure the base of your planters with ribbon/cricket designs

FYI: If by now you’re wondering how I became a pro at folding paper bags… I’ll be honest and say that I learned this method only a few weeks ago… when I googled how to fold a paper bag… and I have this image

Place your hands inside the potting bag and flip the edges over so the inside sticky paper is showing (it won’t tear… I promise! I folded this bag about 4 times… because it ended up being pretty tall.

Planter Bag Complete/Grillo Designs

Crumple the bag into a ball to give it that extra texture… then smooth it out again.

Ball up your paper planter bag for texture/cricket designs

And finally – the template, although this is totally optional.

Template for your paper planter bag/grillo designs

I used this stencil I bought on eBay along with a pen to write the word GROW.

Use a marker to stencil your planter or cricket designs

Waterproof Kraft Paper Planter Bags For Your Home / grillo designs

I also made a few other bags… I mean, once I got the hang of it, they were pretty easy to do.

Waterproof and durable planter bag made of packaging paper / grillo designs

In fact, I’m glad I have an endless supply of packing paper stored in my garage. I think using this paper to make planter bags could become a new obsession of mine (aside from collecting old baking pans and many other things). It’s so much fun!

Top View of Kraft Paper Planter Bags / Grillo Designs

And of course… I tested my bold “it’s waterproof” claim because there’s no point in talking if you can’t walk, right? Water from the pot drainage holes did not penetrate the pot bag. I was even able to remove the pots and clean the inside with no problem!

Gain! I feel like a Facebook Live tutorial is necessary… What do you say, my friends?




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