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One of the ever-evolving trends is an intriguing paradox: the gilded mirror. This timeless decorating accessory has a captivating allure that stands the test of time. A perfect match for any interior, it adds a subtle yet profound touch of elegance. Whether large or small, it effortlessly enhances the ambience of any room in the house. Endowed with lasting charm, the gilded mirror defies passing fashions and remains an eternal symbol of sophistication.


The small gold mirror: a charming touch

The exciting world of mirrors, in which elegance meets versatility in a multitude of shapes and sizes. Not only do these decorative accessories add character to your space, they also have the incredible ability to amplify light, making them ideal for visually enlarging small rooms. When dressed in a delicate golden hue, their charm becomes irresistible, elevating your décor to a whole new level.


Whether integrated into a wall composition or hung in a cozy corner, Alinea presents the Brigitte mirror, a real eye-catcher. Inspired by the grandeur of Indian palaces, this exquisite chain model blends effortlessly into bohemian interiors and country homes, leaving a lasting impression on all who gaze upon it.

When it comes to mirrors, the possibilities are endless and, thanks to their transformative power, you can infuse your space with beauty and radiance, reflecting your unique style and personality.


A mirror adds a dynamic touch to your decor, while remaining pleasing to the eye, whether it adorns the entrance hall, a bedroom chest of drawers or hangs above the sideboard in the living room.


Are you looking for a trendy, space-saving mirror? This stunning little gold-framed marvel exudes elegance and is a master at creating the illusion of space. Like a charming window, it gives hallways and bathrooms a delightful sense of depth.

Lighting up your interior like a ray of sunshine, Habitat’s Olga mirror reimagines this timeless classic with a subtle touch of modernity. Its versatile design adapts effortlessly to contemporary and bohemian environments, adding a touch of brilliance to any room it adorns.


This marvelous golden mirror is as dazzling on a wall as it is gracefully placed on a Scandinavian sideboard in the dining room. Its round silhouette makes it an infallible choice to enhance the ambience of any decor. Large, timeless golden mirrors give your home a sophisticated, refined look. These stunning pieces effortlessly become the focal point of any space they adorn.

Renowned for its innovative approach to the classics, Habitat presents a captivating golden variant of the flower mirror, designed to flourish in a spacious environment. Above a sofa, chest of drawers or sideboard, this mirror draws attention with its grandeur.


IKEA has also embraced this trend with large, versatile mirrors, such as the Svansele, which can be hung vertically or horizontally, adding an elegant touch to the classic gilded mirror.

A further exquisite option is the Lisa mirror from Maisons du Monde, whose elegant arched shape blends equally well into bedrooms and living rooms. Its golden charm effortlessly enlarges any room and blends wonderfully with today’s bright, neutral colors, such as beige or sand. Combine it with iconic rattan furniture, such as a comfortable Papasan armchair or a rattan sideboard, and you’ll create a captivating bohemian interior.




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