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Posted August 28, 2020 by: Admin #Health

You’ve always wondered what happened to your favorite stars, who used to be in the spotlight? Well after amassing worldwide fame and usually millions of dollars, some of our favorite celebrities decided to walk away in order to take a different path.


Yes! these celebrities are now having regular jobs in the private sector. The Hollywood lifestyle has never been easy, they’ve chosen to say goodbye to all the high-stress, time-consuming, and pressure lifestyle.

Here are the former celebs who now work normal jobs like the rest of us!

1- Tiffany 

Used to be: 80s Popstar
Currently: Clothing store owner
Net Worth: $4 million



Tiffany used to be an eighties teen icon, she was very famous for her song ” I think we’re alone now”. Singing is still a priority for Tiffany, currently, she tours small venues (coffee shops and festivals) to promote her clothing store.



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