Ed Sheeran says death of music mogul pal Jamal Edwards at 31 made him ‘grow up’

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Celebrated singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran recently opened up about a profound personal transformation that occurred following the tragic passing of his closest friend, the renowned music entrepreneur Jamal Edwards. In a candid interview, Sheeran expressed his struggle to come to terms with the loss and the profound impact it had on his perception of adulthood and the complexities of life.


Sheeran, now 32, confessed that it was only after experiencing the untimely death of Jamal, at the age of 31 due to a heart attack induced by substance use, that he truly understood the weight of maturity. He shared, “The one thing I’ve come to realize is that the moment death touches you closely, that’s when you truly become an adult. It’s when real-life challenges begin.”

The singer also acknowledged his fortune in not having to confront profound grief until his 30s, unlike his peers who were forced into adulthood at a tender age due to similar tragedies. Reflecting on this, Sheeran empathized, “It’s simply cruel when someone loses their youth at such a young age, like at six, due to a loss of a loved one.”


Sheeran expressed gratitude for the support he received during this difficult time. He was able to have heartfelt conversations with his mother, Imogen, and close friends who had also endured the pain of losing loved ones. “I consider myself very fortunate to have lived a significant part of my life without experiencing such profound loss. And when it finally happened, I found my friends and family opening up to me about their own grief,” he shared.

In a separate interview with exercise brand Peloton, where tracks from his latest album Subtract were played, Sheeran revealed that his young daughter, Jupiter, became his beacon of strength during challenging times. He recognized the resilience and joy children possess, reminding him to stay grounded.


Sheeran further divulged that several tracks on Subtract were removed at the last moment, as the album evolved into a personal journey of grief and recovery after Jamal’s passing. However, he assured fans that the shelved music would still find its way into the world, potentially as a separate album or under a different title. Sheeran’s creative spirit remains undeterred.

Earlier this year, a documentary on Disney+, titled “The Sum Of It All,” showcased Sheeran’s emotional struggles in the aftermath of Jamal’s death. Viewers witnessed the superstar shedding tears in a car after attending a memorial with Jamal’s mother, Brenda. Opening up about his grief on the show, Sheeran confessed, “It completely consumed my life. There were moments when I thought, ‘I don’t want to break down in front of 78,000 people,’ but I found myself on the brink.”



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