Eagles fans march on city as they scale lampposts, chant ‘f*** the Chiefs’ and face off with cops

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Last night, Philadelphia was hit by chaos and mayhem after the Eagles suffered a narrow loss to the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl. The city was already on high alert as authorities had stationed police throughout the city in anticipation of potential unrest. However, their efforts proved futile as fans took to the streets in anger almost immediately after the 38-35 defeat.


City Hall was swarmed by disgruntled fans, who clashed with police. According to police scanner audio, multiple arrests were made as citizens were seen climbing lampposts, chanting obscenities, and throwing glass bottles throughout the city’s downtown area. Social media footage also captured residents lighting fireworks and inciting armed SWAT teams. In one disturbing clip, a group of people lit fireworks and reportedly threw them at officers, leading the police to use tear gas to calm the situation.

The loss was especially devastating as the city’s baseball team, the Phillies, suffered a similar fate in the World Series just a few months prior. Fans took to the streets, with drum bands marching and fireworks exploding overhead. While some fans remained in high spirits, others fueled the unrest by climbing traffic lights and inciting violence. Lines of police in riot gear were deployed to stabilize the situation and protect buildings as the crowds continued to grow out of control.


As the night progressed, a large police presence formed and used smoke bombs to disperse the crowds and send people home. However, police scanner audio indicates that multiple arrests had already been made. In 2018, when the Eagles beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl, authorities had coated posts around the city with grease to prevent fans from climbing them. However, this time around, a car was overturned in North Philadelphia by a large crowd of Eagles fans before the game began.

This frustration may have contributed to the chaos seen across the city


The Super Bowl win by the Chiefs was not an easy feat. Despite being the 1.5-point underdogs, they not only trailed for much of the game but also struggled to contain Eagles QB Jalen Hurts, who played an outstanding game. Hurts threw for 304 yards and one touchdown, while also running for three scores and a two-point conversion that tied the game at 35 in the fourth quarter. However, his final pass fell short, and the win was given to the Chiefs. Patrick Mahomes, the Chiefs’ superstar quarterback, played a key role in the victory, making a characteristic comeback in the second half despite an existing ankle injury.

The loss was further exacerbated by a costly second-quarter fumble and a late-game penalty that allowed the opposing team to kick a game-winning field goal with eight seconds left. This frustration may have contributed to the chaos seen across the city, with citizens throwing punches and attempting to overrun police-occupied locations. Police scanners and footage from the scene indicate that multiple officers were assaulted amid the outpouring of anger. The full extent of the unrest will likely not be known until morning, and many hope that it will not be as severe as the aftermath of the Phillies’ loss to the Houston Astros in November, which resulted in a shooting that left nine wounded, five critically.



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