Dog crawls under mechanic dad’s car to give him the biggest cuddle

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The look on the puppy’s face is what convinced me,”.


The Golden Retrievers are unique in a way.

They are fun to be around because of their kind and caring nature.

In addition, their smiles simply melt your heart.


There is some discussion as to whether a golden retriever’s smile is genuine or imitated by the people they adore.

Whatever the case, it’s definitely a form of communication. And a gentle form of it.


“Golden retrievers have three distinct smiles when they are excited: the panting smile, the aggressive smile and the submissive smile. The dogs’ smiles are different from human smiles because they can also indicate other emotions, like fear, rather than just happiness, according to the Retriever Hub.

Its happy-looking smile is what I call a “breathless smile.”


In which he sticks his tongue out and appears to be grinning broadly.

This generally indicates that your dog is happy and content, and that the panting he is doing is meant to help him cool off.

An aggressive smile, on the other hand, is a different matter.


He is tense and in “fight or flight” mode while his teeth are exposed and visible.

This typically happens when they sense danger or are unsure of the situation.

As a result, you really don’t want to see this “smile”.


Canines may also squint their eyes and give you a submissive smile showing their teeth.

This is meant to let you know that he is acting submissively and is not a threat.

” While less common than an aggressive smile, this smile is still much less common than a happy smile. Most of your golden retriever’s smiles, about 80 percent, are likely to be happy smiles, and the remaining 20 percent will be evenly split between the other two smiles.

A happy dog gets a lot of attention for his video of snuggling with his mechanic dad.


We can see the dog’s big, goofy, happy face peeking out from under a car where his dad is working.

The dad is under the car, holding a screwdriver or perhaps an auto repair tool.

He is interrupted by his dog as he looks for the perfect place to start working.

The golden retriever decides it’s time to give his dad a hug and leans in before moving under the car to lick him on the side of the head. He then stops to lay on top of his dad briefly so he can hug him and smile.


Then, the dog decided it was time for a hug and snuggled up on his dad’s shoulder, caressing the hollow of his neck.

He decides this would be the perfect place for a nap and goes inside for a nap. However, Dad still has to fix a car. But not before petting his faithful dog.

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