10 most dangerous dog breeds for families with children

1. Tosa Inu 10 most dangerous dog 10. Belgian Shepherd Malinois 2. Bull Terrier 3. American Bulldog 4. Doberman Pinschers 5. Husky 6. Alaskan Malamutes 7. Rottweiler 8. Wolf Hybrid 9. German Shepherd danger

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A dog’s “danger” level is assigned to many factors. In fact, there is no bad or good dog, just like a human. The experiences and the way he was educated determines his character and behaviors.


Therefore, it’s totally unfair to judge a dog as dangerous. But if it’s the fact, his owner is the one to blame.

However, what should be known is that some breeds of dogs are more likely to cause serious damage to a person during an attack.

This list contains all breeds of dogs that are hard to control and train due to their genetics. It’s important to note that dogs are trained to satisfy their owners an inadequate training or brutal conduct can cause serious incidents



Tosa Inu

Originally from Japan, bred initially to be a battle dog. His calm and reserved nature leads us to believe that he is far from being dangerous, however when danger threatens his family, he can become extremely aggressive.


Bull Terrier

Known for its large egg-shaped head, the Bull Terrier is an extremely strong dog and ranks first in terms of muscle mass. His muscular and compact body earned him the nickname of the gladiator. Although it is not particularly aggressive, the breed is known to have a strong “prey drive”. Indeed, people keep the image of him as the “killer dog”.




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