Britain’s Got Talent winner BOOED by live audience as final descends into chaos

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In a remarkable finale of Britain’s Got Talent, a truly deserving champion emerged, although the audience response stirred a bit of controversy. Despite the disappointment of some viewers, the show ultimately celebrated the unique talents showcased throughout the competition.


Last night, the nation’s hearts were captivated by Musa Motha, an inspiring dancer who overcame the amputation of his leg at a tender age of 11. Musa’s performance left a lasting impression, but unfortunately, he narrowly missed securing a spot in the top three. Similarly, the exceptional opera singer Malakai Bayoh, who enchanted audiences with his powerful voice, also fell short of the final three.

To everyone’s astonishment, the honor of being crowned the winner was bestowed upon Viggo Venn, who wore a hi-vis vest and radiated genuine surprise as his name was announced. His unique and comedic act won over the judges and the audience, propelling him to claim the coveted £250,000 prize and a coveted place on the illustrious Royal Variety Show. In his excitement, Viggo’s exuberance caused him to accidentally bump into host Ant McPartlin while jubilantly traversing the stage.


Although Viggo’s victory was met with a smattering of boos from some spectators, it is important to remember that the outcome was determined by the audience’s vote. One compassionate viewer took to Twitter, stating, “Viggo was truly entertaining, and it’s unfair for anyone to direct their disappointment at him. He won because people voted for him, and that shouldn’t be overlooked. The negative reaction dampened the otherwise celebratory atmosphere. Congratulations, Viggo! #BritainsGotTalent #BGT2023 #bgt.”

Another social media user shared, “There seemed to be a chorus of boos when #ViggoVenn was declared the winner of #BritainsGotTalent. While I believed he was fantastic, it was surprising to see the exclusion of some remarkable finalists from the top three. Everyone anticipated the young lad would triumph. The conclusion felt slightly deflated, but overall, it was a fantastic series. #BGT2023 #BGT.”


Amidst the differing opinions, a third commenter expressed, “Did you hear those boos on @BGT? I must admit, I understand the sentiment. There was an abundance of incredible talent in the final tonight. Perhaps #BGT2023 should have had different finalists. The winner was not to everyone’s taste.”

Britain’s Got Talent, as a platform, has always strived to showcase a diverse range of talents, and this season was no exception. While the audience’s response may have been mixed, it is undeniable that each contestant added something special to the show. Let us applaud Viggo’s victory and acknowledge the incredible journeys of Musa Motha and Malakai Bayoh, as they have undoubtedly touched countless hearts with their awe-inspiring performances.



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