Alice Evans and Ioan Gruffudd’s daughter, 13, accuses his girlfriend of ‘abuse’

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Alice Evans and Ioan Gruffudd’s teenage daughter, Ella Evans, has recently raised concerns about an incident involving her father’s girlfriend, Bianca Wallace. Ella, a bright 13-year-old, has expressed her feelings regarding an argument that transpired between her and Bianca, resulting in what she claims were accidental injuries.


In an effort to address her concerns, Ella courageously filed a restraining order against her father and Bianca at a Los Angeles court. Her main objective is to ensure the safety and well-being of both herself and her 9-year-old sister, Elsie, by requesting a five-year restraining order against Bianca.

Ella’s request was accompanied by a detailed declaration providing evidence to support her case. In her statement, she recounted the incident that unfolded at her father’s apartment on May 26. It was her first meeting with Bianca, and tensions arose due to the actress’ unexpected presence in the home.


Acknowledging her own actions, Ella admitted to venting her frustration by throwing food at her father. Subsequently, she decided to leave the apartment, which led to a regrettable situation. According to Ella, as she attempted to exit, Bianca unintentionally slammed the door, causing it to hit her head and arm, resulting in minor bruises.

The following day, Ella’s caring mother, Alice Evans, noticed the bruise on her daughter’s arm and, concerned for her well-being, contacted the authorities. Ella’s decision to seek legal protection is driven by her fears of potential future abuse and her desire to protect her younger sister from similar experiences.


In her pursuit of justice, Ella has requested the court’s intervention to ensure a safe environment for herself, her sister, and their family. She seeks to establish boundaries by requesting a restraining order that prohibits Bianca from approaching within 100 yards of her, her sister, their home, schools, and vehicle. Furthermore, she hopes the court will consider ordering Bianca to cover her legal expenses.

As of now, the temporary restraining order is pending court approval and is scheduled to be reviewed on June 23. Ella’s resilience and determination in addressing this matter deserve recognition, as she strives to protect herself and her family amidst a challenging divorce between her parents.



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