Al Pacino is a dad again at 83 as girlfriend, 29, gives birth to their first child

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In a joyous turn of events, renowned actor Al Pacino and his loving partner Noor Alfallah have welcomed their first child, bringing immense happiness to their lives. Last month, the couple shared the delightful news of their pregnancy, surprising fans and well-wishers alike. The gender of their beautiful baby has yet to be revealed, adding an extra element of anticipation to this heartwarming story.


Recently, Al and Noor were spotted out on the town, basking in the glow of new parenthood. They enjoyed a romantic dinner together in Los Angeles, their smiles radiating with the joy of their little miracle. Noor’s bump, which had captivated everyone’s attention, had now given way to the boundless love they shared, as they headed towards the Sunset Tower hotel. Observers noticed a child seat in the back of their vehicle, prompting speculation about whether their new bundle of joy was joining them for the outing.


During the celebration, the couple exuded happiness and contentment. Their journey together began in April 2022, with sources suggesting that they found solace and companionship during the challenging times of the global pandemic. Al Pacino, legendary star of the iconic movie “Scarface,” is already a father to three children from previous relationships. He shares the joy of parenthood with National Lampoon star Beverly D’Angelo, who is the mother of his 22-year-old twins Olivia Pacino and Anton James Pacino, as well as his 33-year-old daughter Julie Pacino, whose mother is Jan Tarrant.

With the arrival of their precious child, Al Pacino will now have the added support of his dear friend and colleague, Robert De Niro, who himself became a father once again at the age of 79, accompanied by his loving partner Tiffany Chen.


These Hollywood icons have captivated audiences with their incredible performances in blockbusters such as “The Irishman” (2019), “Heat” (1995), and “The Godfather Part II” (1974). Their friendship has stood the test of time, and now they can bond over the shared experience of raising a child in their later years.

Al Pacino’s initial surprise upon learning of Noor’s pregnancy quickly transformed into profound joy. In a heartfelt video, Al described this moment as truly special, emphasizing the significance of this new chapter in their lives. Parenthood has been a deeply fulfilling role for Al, filling the void left by his own father’s absence when he was just a toddler. His dedication to being present in his children’s lives and providing them with love and support has been a driving force in his journey.


Noor Alfallah, a talented Kuwaiti-American film producer, has also embraced the joys of love across generational boundaries. While many may comment on the age difference in their relationships, Noor believes that the heart knows no bounds and only feels the purest of emotions. Having previously been in a relationship with music legend Sir Mick Jagger, and later billionaire philanthropist Nicolas Berggruen, Noor understands that love transcends age and societal norms.


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