After the surgery, she was left on that road in sadness and tears

Animals Left Road sadness surgery tears

Posted November 8, 2022 by: Admin #Animals

A young girl has found Bally at the bottom of the viaduct; after feeding her and asking for help, we brought Bally home and gradually discovered the life story of this brave girl.


She has overcome all the obstacles and made it home to live with me and so many friends.

Happiness smiled on this amazing girl.


I did the same thing with a cat I rescued; I gave her something to eat on the sidewalk and rubbed her back while she ate.

She gave me a look that broke my heart: there were the words “I’ve never been shown affection before”,today she’s sleeping in my bed, she’s spayed, vaccinated, dewormed, etc.


Because she was a broken angel, you are the one who saved her. Now she will always be loved. I sincerely appreciate your consideration and love for her. I wish you the best!





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