2 survivors become friends: A kitten and a ferret’s moving journey in search of a loving home

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In a small town called Salina, Utah (USA), within the walls of the Fullmer Menagerie Animal Rescue shelter, an extraordinary bond was formed between two beings who were never meant to cross paths: a curious kitten named Skiddy and a spirited ferret named Banana Pudding. Skiddy’s inspiring story of unlikely friendship has touched the hearts of countless Internet users, reminding us all of the power of compassion and connection.


The perfect companion

Skiddy’s story began on the street, a tiny, vulnerable creature abandoned not far from a prison, exposed to the dangers of speeding vehicles. A stroke of fate allowed Jeannine Fullmer, the shelter’s compassionate founder, to spot Skiddy just in time to save her from danger. Named for her nervous yet playful nature, Skiddy found herself in the shelter’s loving arms.

Even with the warm care and pampering she received at the shelter, Skiddy was in need of companionship. Cats, being social animals, often thrive in the presence of others, and the Fullmer Menagerie team quickly recognized this need. However, their search for the perfect companion took an unexpected turn.


The result was Banana Pudding, a female ferret who had been through her share of hardships. Found in a dilapidated, abandoned home, Banana Pudding’s life had been anything but gentle. She was discovered in a pitiful state, emaciated and seriously ill. Jeannine Fullmer recalled the moment of rescue, recounting how unsure they were of Banana Pudding’s chances of survival. The fact that she pulled through is a testament to the resilience of the animals and the dedication of the rescue team.

Then came the inevitable moment of introduction, when Skiddy and Banana Pudding were reunited at the shelter. The spark of their friendship ignited instantly, defying all expectations. Their relationship transcended the boundaries of their species, proving that friendship can blossom in the most unlikely of circumstances.


The dream is to find a loving family

Skiddy and Banana Pudding’s bond grows stronger with each passing day. They have become inseparable friends, their personalities complementing each other in unexpected ways. Those who witnessed their games, chases and affectionate cuddles could only marvel at the mysterious language of friendship that united them. Jeannine Fullmer herself marveled at their bond, pondering the enigma of what went on in the minds of these extraordinary beings.

As time passed, the day arrived when Skiddy and Banana Pudding were declared ready for adoption. While the dream was to find a loving family willing to adopt the two friends together, the shelter knew the odds weren’t in their favor. However, they remained hopeful that a family with an open heart and an awareness of their unique friendship would come forward.


If they were adopted separately, Skiddy and Banana Pudding would have to go their separate ways, marking the end of a remarkable chapter in their lives. However, the shelter is committed to ensuring their happiness and well-being, whatever path destiny may have in store for them.


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