A visually impaired girl gets her life back thanks to her assistance dog

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Eilidh McArthur, a 12-year-old girl living in Lanarkshire, rural Scotland, shares her home with her parents, siblings, and an ebullient one-year-old English Springer named Ruby. Despite this picturesque setting, Eilidh faces a major challenge: cerebral visual impairment, which results from a complex deterioration of the brain’s visual processing centers. This condition casts a shadow over her daily existence, making even the simplest tasks difficult to accomplish.


Crowded supermarket aisles and crowded spaces have become a source of discomfort for Eilidh. These environments trigger a sense of distress, which has led her to modify her family’s outing strategy. “Knowing where to go and what to get into has become an art,” explains her mother in a conversation with the Daily Record. Even her school, despite the presence of specialist teams, becomes a minefield of anxiety for Eilidh.

The Guide Dogs volunteers are convinced

To alleviate their daughter’s tribulations, Paul and Ruth McArthur embark on a journey of hope and transformation by approaching Guide Dogs, a venerable British organization renowned for its efforts in training guide dogs for the visually impaired. The aspiration is simple but profound: to breathe new ease and joy into Eilidh’s existence. The Guide Dogs volunteers are convinced that the introduction of a guide dog could be the catalyst for positive change in Eilidh’s life.


When the McArthur family met Mabel, a lively Golden Retriever, on their first date, an enchanting connection was instantly created between the dog and the young girl. The moment is etched in memory – a testament to the extraordinary bond formed in a fleeting moment. “There was a palpable affinity between Mabel and Eilidh, an inexplicable connection that defied understanding. Eilidh’s eyes lit up,” recalls her mother, her tone lively with memory. The stars aligned and, fortuitously, Mabel’s compatibility with Ruby marked the beginning of a new era: the Golden Retriever became a cherished member of the McArthur family in April.

Eilidh enthusiastically suggests excursions and new activities

The tapestry of Eilidh’s life is woven anew from that moment on. The impact of Mabel’s presence proves nothing short of transformative. “Phenomenal” is the word that punctuates Ruth’s reflection as she chronicles her trip. Each weekend takes on a new twist, as Eilidh enthusiastically suggests excursions and new activities, marking a break with his reluctance to venture beyond the sanctuary of home.


Mabel is a steadfast companion, accompanying her young mistress on a myriad of experiences. Together, they explore the labyrinthine aisles of stores, indulge in the culinary delights of restaurants, immerse themselves in the vibrant tapestry of festivals and engage in the conviviality of cafés. More than a tangible aid to mobility, Mabel becomes the beacon that guides Eilidh towards self-confidence and new-found autonomy. A poignant transformation takes place: Eilidh, who once clung to her family’s shoulders on outings, now steps forward as a pioneer.

Eilidh and Mabel continue to write their story

The metamorphosis of Eilidh is impressive. Her latent potential is unfolding like a vibrant flower in full bloom. Her own words, spoken during a moment of introspection, bear witness to this blossoming. “I’m so happy. I never thought I could be so happy. With Mabel, I feel so good,” she confides, words that resonate with the current of hope and optimism that runs through Ruth’s heart as she contemplates what lies ahead.


In the pastoral heartland of Lanarkshire, where the landscape stretches out in undulating beauty, Eilidh’s journey intertwines with that of Mabel, a hairy sentinel of transformation. Their tale reminds us that the most unexpected companions can light the way to self-discovery, resilience and unbridled happiness. As the days go by, Eilidh and Mabel continue to write their story – a story woven from threads of courage, connection and the unbreakable bond between a girl and her guide dog.


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