Adele INSISTED on keeping Rocky statue after buying Sylvester Stallone’s former home

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A delightful turn of events unfolded when Adele purchased Sylvester Stallone’s former home for a staggering $58 million (£45.6 million). However, what made this transaction particularly interesting was Adele’s unique request to retain the beloved bronze Rocky statue that Sylvester had adorned the house with.


Sylvester, the iconic 76-year-old actor who portrayed the legendary boxer Rocky Balboa in the film franchise that captivated audiences since the 1970s, opened up about this amusing anecdote during an interview with the Wall Street Journal. He revealed that Adele had taken a liking to the statue, which proudly overlooked the pool area, depicting Rocky in his quintessential fist-pumping pose.

When Sylvester was asked if he intended to take the statue with him when he sold the house, he playfully responded, “I did.” However, to his surprise, Adele also expressed her fondness for the statue, declaring, “That’s a no deal. That’s gonna blow the whole deal.”


With great understanding and respect for Adele’s admiration, Sylvester made the decision to leave the statue behind, bidding farewell to his cherished home, along with the beloved statue. It was a heartfelt gesture, allowing Adele to move into the residence and embark on her own artistic journey.

TMZ reported that the sensational singer is currently overseeing an extensive renovation of the house, a project that has been underway since May. Sylvester, upon learning of Adele’s plans, expressed his delight, stating, “I like what she’s doing, she’s making it gorgeous.”


Situated within the prestigious Beverly Park neighborhood in Los Angeles, the property stands as one of the grandest in the area, boasting 3.6 acres of land and picturesque views of the city. It finds itself nestled within a gated community brimming with esteemed celebrities, making it an idyllic haven for Adele.

Initially, Sylvester listed the awe-inspiring estate, featuring eight bedrooms and twelve bathrooms, for an impressive $110 million (£86.4 million), as reported by the Los Angeles Times. However, as time passed, he decided to lower the asking price to $80 million (£62.9 million) in October 2021, just before Adele’s interest in the property came to light.



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