A Texas woman says squatters refused to leave her property and changed the locks after falsely insisting that they had a lease

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A Texas homeowner in Meyerland, Houston, has finally regained access to her property after a group of people changed the locks and moved in without her authorization. Linda Giang reported the trespassers to ABC13 Houston and expressed her concern over the unauthorized occupants who had been living on air mattresses without any furniture for almost a month. One of the occupants, Tamisha Holmes-Bey, claimed that she paid $6,000 to a realtor for a lease that had her name, her husband’s name, and her children’s names on it. However, public records revealed that Holmes-Bey had lived in Texas for decades and had been involved in civil and criminal cases in several counties. After Houston Police declined to intervene, they were able to prove that the lease was false over the weekend and Holmes-Bey and her family were ordered to vacate the property.


According to home security expert Richard Christian, homeowners can take steps to deter trespassers, burglars, and squatters from occupying their homes. Christian, who is the founder and managing director of BluSkills, a UK-based specialist security firm, suggests making the home appear occupied, even when it is not. This can be achieved by ensuring that the trash is taken out, the curtains are drawn, and the home is lit. Trusted neighbors or friends can also be asked to check the property regularly and alert the owner to any suspicious activity.

In addition, physical barriers such as locked gates, and security cameras can be installed to prevent unauthorized entry. Squatting is not a new challenge for owners of second homes, but by taking these measures, homeowners can protect their property and avoid the stress and expense of having to remove trespassers.



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