‘An entitled teen ruined an 11-hour flight with his screaming – so I got revenge’

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A teenage passenger on a long-haul flight had to suffer through the obnoxious behavior of a fellow passenger who was fidgeting and making a lot of noise. After politely asking the passenger to stop or lower his volume, the teenager decided to take matters into her own hands. She gave the passenger a “death glare” that stopped him in his tracks and left him scared for the rest of the flight.


The teenager explained that she was seated among exchange students on the flight, as her aunt worked for the company and secured her a discounted ticket. She was in an aisle seat in the middle row of the plane, and directly in front of her was a teenage boy, whom she referred to as Kevin.

About two hours into the flight, she tried to get some sleep, but Kevin and his friends were talking loudly and keeping her awake. Despite politely asking them to stop, they resumed their conversation shortly after. Kevin was not only talking loudly but was also fidgeting and elbowing his neighbor, causing discomfort to the people around him.


After enduring 11 hours of discomfort and sleep deprivation, the teenager decided to give Kevin a “death glare” as soon as the plane landed. Kevin immediately stopped laughing and turned back to his seat. The teenager then left the plane, feeling relieved to be done with the ordeal.

Two weeks later, when the teenager was waiting in line to check in for her return flight, she saw Kevin with his friends. She made eye contact with him, and he looked visibly scared. On the flight, Kevin was seated in front of her again but was quiet and stiff as a board. The teenager realized that her “death glare” had scared him and that he had learned a valuable lesson from the experience.

This story serves as a reminder of the importance of being considerate and respectful to fellow passengers on flights. It can be challenging to be in a cramped space for an extended period, but it is crucial to keep in mind that everyone else is in the same boat. Simple things like speaking softly, not fidgeting, and not elbowing your neighbor can make a big difference in the comfort of everyone on the flight.


The teenager in this story demonstrated a clever way to handle an obnoxious passenger, but it is important to remember that violence or aggression is never the answer. It is also essential to report any disruptive behavior to the flight attendants, who are trained to handle such situations.



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