3 Minute Miracle Chocolate Mousse!

Chocolate Minute Miracle Mousse

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This 3-minute miracle chocolate mousse requires only 2 ingredients for the fastest, creamiest, richest chocolate mousse of your dreams.


I hope you’re a quick reader because you’re going to want to get started on this miracle 3-minute chocolate mousse ASAP. Do you love desserts with chocolate, creamy and easy to eat with a spoon? This one is for you. A chocolate mousse so rich, so dreamy, so fast, defies all reason… and yet, here it is. Essential. Today!

3 minute miracle mousse in a small ice cream bowl.

What’s in this 3-Minute Miracle Chocolate Mousse?

    • use heavy cream, with at least 36% fat for best results. Just one cup of cream will make 4 servings of mousse.
3 minute miracle mousse with electric beaters.

How does the 3 minute miracle mousse work?

Chocolate mousse is famous for its light and airy texture. When you whip cream with fudge sauce, you combine the lightness of whipped cream with the thickening effect of chocolate, and the result is a dreamy light mousse texture that rivals more complicated recipes. Be sure to chill your mousse before enjoying it – the texture magically changes from rich chocolate whipped cream to a firm, spoonable mousse after a few hours in the fridge. yum!!

Whisk drags in 3-minute miracle chocolate mousse.

how to make chocolate mousse in 3 minutes step by step

step 1. put cold cream in a deep bowl.

Use electric beaters to whip the cream for about a minute on medium speed, just to make it foamy.

Cream in a bowl for chocolate mousse.

step 2. Add room temperature hot fudge sauce

Add the hot fudge sauce directly from the jar, do not heat it first, it should be at room temperature. Note: If your chocolate sauce has been refrigerated, bring it to room temperature before using.

Add hot chocolate sauce to the cream.

step 3. Beat until thick!

Beat on medium speed until you start to see the beaters leave faint streaks in the mixture. Pay attention and keep beating until the trails become more defined and your mousse is nice and thick. Lower the mixer speed if that helps you control the process.

Whipped chocolate mousse.

Step 4. Cool

Serve the mousse in small bowls or glasses. The chocolate mousse will thicken even more as it cools and develop a really lovely texture. Don’t skip this step even though it’s tempting to gobble up the mousse right after whipping (lick the beaters instead).

3 minute chocolate mousse with the bite taken.

how to serve your 3 minute chocolate mousse

Mousse is a rich decadent dessert and you really don’t need anything with it. Sometimes I top it with grated chocolate or fresh berries, but that’s it! This is a dessert that can (and should) stand on its own.

3-minute chocolate mousse in a coupe glass.

if you love 3 minute chocolate mousse you will love it too


  • Put your cold cream in a deep bowl or glass measuring cup and start by whipping it on medium speed for about a minute, just to get it foamy.
  • Add your room temperature hot fudge sauce and continue to beat on medium speed, moving your beaters around the bowl as you go.
  • Once you notice the beaters start to leave faint marks in the mix, pay attention! The marks will soon become more defined and the mousse will have stiff peaks. Note: by stiff peaks I just mean that when you take the beaters out of the mousse, it will hold one peak without tilting before falling back on itself. But the mousse will still have a soft consistency.
  • Pour the mousse into individual serving bowls and chill until ready to enjoy. The mousse will keep up to 3 days in the refrigerator.


  • If you want an even deeper chocolate mousse, you can experiment with using more chocolate sauce.
  • You can add a teaspoon of vanilla or vanilla paste if you like.

Course: Dessert

Kitchen: American


Keyword: chocolate, dessert, mousse


Calories: 291 kcal · Carbohydrates: 18 gram · Protein: 3 gram · Fat: 24 gram · Saturated fat: fifteen gram · Polyunsaturated fat: 1 gram · monosaturated fat: 6 gram · Cholesterol: 67 milligrams · Sodium: 104 milligrams · Potassium: 128 milligrams · Fiber: 1 gram · Sugar: eleven gram · Vitamin A: 875 UI · Vitamin C: 0.4 milligrams · Calcium: 52 milligrams · Iron: 0.4 milligrams



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