Woman with ‘world’s biggest lips’ is now splashing out on her cheekbones

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Move over, Angelina Jolie, because Andrea Ivanova is coming for your title of “world’s biggest lips”. The 25-year-old Bulgarian has made headlines for her transformation into a real-life Bratz doll, and now she’s set her sights on achieving the “world’s biggest cheekbones”.


With over 34 lip injections under her belt and an estimated £8,000 spent, Andrea isn’t afraid to go under the needle. In fact, some clinics have even refused to give her more fillers, citing potential health complications. But that won’t stop Andrea from pursuing her dream of having the biggest lips in the world. “Every month, I will get more fillers, but I can’t even count how much money I’ve spent in total,” she said.

Now, Andrea is turning her attention to her cheeks and has already had four hyaluronic acid injections. She plans to have two more within the week, hoping to achieve the “world’s biggest cheekbones”. While some may disapprove of her new look, Andrea doesn’t let negative comments get to her. “I don’t worry about people’s comments, as I have my own taste and views on beauty – I follow them strictly,” she said.


But achieving the perfect look comes at a cost. Andrea has already spent an estimated £1,600 on her cheekbones and plans to continue with more injections. And it’s not just about the money – she also needs to avoid strong pressure on her face for up to three days after each procedure. But for Andrea, it’s all worth it. “Each person should satisfy themselves without fearing or worrying about the opinion of others because the meaning of life is to be happy,” she said.

So, what do you think about Andrea’s new look? Are you in awe of her dedication to achieving her ideal appearance or do you think she’s taken things too far? Let us know in the comments – just be sure to avoid any strong pressure on your face for the next three days.



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