Woman warns that phone scammers are using AI to mimic relatives’ voices: ‘Beyond evil’

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As phone scams become more sophisticated, it is increasingly difficult for people to distinguish between what is real and what is fake. A TikTok video recently uploaded by Brooke Bush (@babybushwhacked) is an example of the lengths to which scammers will go to con innocent people, with heartbreaking results.


Bush explained that a phone scammer used artificial intelligence (AI) technology to imitate her brother’s voice, tricking her grandfather into thinking her brother had been in a car accident. The caller used the AI machine to mimic her brother’s voice and then called her grandfather, pretending to be her brother. They said that they were about to get into a car accident before the call cut out, leaving her grandfather horrified and confused. He then called Bush in a panic, who immediately thought the worst and began frantically searching for her brother.

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After some time, Bush learned that the whole thing was an elaborate hoax designed to scare her grandfather into sending money to the scammer. The scammer even called a second time, claiming that Bush’s brother had gone to jail after killing someone in the car accident and needed bail money.

Bush’s video serves as a warning to others, as this is becoming a popular new method among scammers. Commenters shared their own experiences, with some stating that this has happened to them or their loved ones. Many people were horrified that something this elaborate could be happening so frequently and called it “scary,” “cruel,” and “beyond evil.”


Some commenters suggested creating a code word that only family members would know, which could be used to verify the authenticity of a caller. This would help to prevent similar scams in the future.



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