Vanessa Feltz talks disowning friends as she lays bare ‘real’ Holly Willoughby

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Vanessa Feltz, the compassionate star, is determined to mend her relationship with Alison Hammond, who unintentionally got caught up in the feud between Vanessa and Eamonn Holmes. Eamonn had made surprising claims in an interview, suggesting that Holly and Alison’s friendship was contrived and would not have existed years ago.


During Vanessa’s appearance on Wednesday’s show, she gracefully revealed the genuine side of Holly, captivating the audience and prompting heartfelt phone calls from viewers seeking advice.

One caller expressed concern over her friends’ sudden withdrawal after she declined an invitation for the first time. They shared their distress, saying, “I’ve been friends with this group for a long time, and when I declined their plans once, they stopped talking to me. They’ve disowned me.”


With empathy in her voice, Vanessa replied, “That does sound perplexing. Perhaps they felt rejected, even though you had no ill intentions. Sometimes people interpret things differently. Since you’ve been friends for so long, I suggest reaching out to them and explaining that you didn’t want to go that time, but you would love to join them next time. Invite them over for a relaxing evening in the sunshine. Don’t let this misunderstanding escalate into something bigger.” Holly chimed in, emphasizing the need to keep it lighthearted, while Vanessa added, “Friendships are incredibly precious,” to which Holly nodded in agreement.

Continuing her wise counsel, Vanessa said, “As we journey through life, we often regret losing friends. Let’s not allow that to happen.” Holly empathetically asked, “Do you think you can reach out one more time?”


The caller responded, “I can try once more, but I don’t think I can do it anymore after that.” This heartwarming conversation followed Vanessa’s recent defense of Holly.

Vanessa passionately defended Holly, highlighting her genuine kindness and good nature. In an interview with OK! Magazine, Vanessa shared, “She’s truly lovely, kind-hearted, and sweet. Just recently, when I had to share my experience of being sexually assaulted live on TV after Rolf Harris passed away, Holly reached out to me with a message of concern. She asked if I was okay and acknowledged how difficult it must have been for me to talk about it.”


Emphasizing their enduring friendship, Vanessa added, “I’ve always been good friends with Holly and Phil. I’ve been on the show for many years. I genuinely feel sorry for anyone who has been affected by this situation.”

Previously, Eamonn had made strong statements about Holly “using” Alison, causing distress to both Holly and Alison. However, reports suggest that Holly is eager to reconcile with Alison, as she is devastated by the recent turn of events.



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