Unique ideas for a small living room

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Posted November 11, 2022 by: Admin #Decoration

You don’t have to have a small living room! You can create a comfortable place at first glance even in the smallest and most uncomfortable room, for your hobby as well as for meetings with friends. We’ ve put together some interesting ideas that will help you create a comfortable and functional interior even in a small living room.


Big mirrors

Unique ideas for a small living room

Mirrors can magically transform the interior, and most importantly, visually increase the space of a small living room and add light and air to the room. It is best to place a large mirror on a wall perpendicular to the window, having studied in advance how the sun’s rays will be reflected and whether it will dazzle.



Functional furniture

Unique ideas for a small living room

In a small living room each piece of furniture should be incorporated as effectively as possible. It is good if the piece of furniture is mobile and performs several functions at once: a coffee table and a stool, a sofa bed and a convertible shelf.



Additional lighting

Unique ideas for a small living room

In a small living room, the light should be even and subtle, but at the same time bright enough. So don’t limit yourself to just one chandelier on the ceiling; it is better if there are several light sources: sconces, table lamps and wreaths.



Pictures and decoration

Unique ideas for a small living room

Pictures, figurines, souvenirs and plants in beautiful pots will certainly create a cozy atmosphere and make the living room more individual and interesting. But the main thing here is not to overdo it. In order not to worry, there should not be many such decorative elements.



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