Robert Downey Jr says ‘you could feel evil in the air’ as he opens up on prison stint

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Robert Downey Jr, the beloved actor known for his iconic role as Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, opened up about his past struggles with drug addiction and his time spent in prison. In a recent interview on the Armchair Expert podcast with Dax Shepard and Monica Padman, Downey Jr reflected on his experiences and shared valuable insights.


Downey Jr’s journey began at a young age, experimenting with drugs at just six years old. Unfortunately, this led him down a dangerous path of addiction and legal troubles. Between 1996 and 2001, he faced multiple arrests related to cocaine, heroin, and marijuana.

One incident in 1997 resulted in a six-month stint behind bars after he missed a court-ordered drug test. Two years later, he found himself back in custody after missing another test. This time, he was sentenced to three years in prison but was granted early release after serving one year.


Recalling his time in prison, Downey Jr described it as the most dangerous place he had ever been. He compared it to a challenging neighborhood, where safety and order were not guaranteed. In prison, there was a mix of inmates without clear categorization based on the severity of their crimes.

Despite the difficult circumstances, Downey Jr managed to adjust to prison life within two weeks. He emphasized that having the willingness to do harm could deter others from targeting him. This led him to reflect on the distinction between acting tough and genuinely being prepared to do harm.


In his time behind bars, Downey Jr also discovered the importance of acquaintances over friendships. While he didn’t form close bonds, he engaged in conversations with fellow inmates on the handball court, finding small connections that provided a sense of camaraderie in an otherwise challenging environment.

Walking onto the prison yard for the first time left a lasting impression on Downey Jr. He compared it to being transported to a distant planet, with no way back until certain conditions aligned. It was a profound moment that forced him to confront the consequences of his actions and take responsibility for his choices.


Throughout the interview, Downey Jr’s candor and introspection shone through. Despite the hardships he faced, he expressed gratitude for the lessons he learned and the personal growth he experienced during his time in prison. His journey serves as a reminder of the power of resilience and the capacity for change even in the face of adversity.


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