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Applesauce Easy Recipe Rhubarb

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Experience the sheer delight of savoring a batch of homemade applesauce like never before! Brace yourself for a delightful surprise as you embark on a culinary adventure that combines the natural sweetness and juiciness of apples with the tantalizing tartness of rhubarb. Prepare to witness a mesmerizing transformation as this dynamic duo of flavors creates a truly remarkable applesauce recipe.


Inspired by the Amish tradition of crafting fruity applesauce, our recent move to the Midwest sparked a longing to explore the possibilities of this delectable combination. During a visit to the farmers market, I stumbled upon a jar of exquisite strawberry applesauce, which ignited a flurry of recipe ideas. Rather than settling for an overly sweet concoction, why not introduce the invigorating tang of rhubarb for an exceptional and visually stunning applesauce experience?

a jar of rhubarb applesauce with spoon

Ingredients for applesauce with rhubarbapples and rhubarb in a bowl.

  • apples
    • I used Granny Smith apples because they are firm and tart. Use what you like.
  • rhubarb
    • The redder the rhubarb, the pinker the sauce will be.
  • sugar
    • The sugar balances the acidity of the apples and rhubarb. You can reduce it or use an alternate sweetener if you like. If you use a sweeter apple, you can omit it entirely.


  • large stainless steel vessel or other non-reactive vessel
  • food processor, blender, immersion blender, or food mill
Applesauce with rhubarb in Weck jars.

Canned applesauce with rhubarb?

We know you can safely can rhubarb, and you can safely can applesauce, but I couldn’t find any licensed recipes for canning rhubarb applesauce. How frustrating! So I contacted canning authorities, including Ball® and The National Center for Home Food Preservation, about canning rhubarb applesauce, and sadly, they don’t officially recommend it because they haven’t specifically tested it for canning safety. My gut tells me it’s okay to do it, but I can’t recommend it in good conscience. Frustrating, but there you have it.

The good news~ this sauce can easily be frozen for up to a year. Just be sure to leave headroom in your jars to allow for expansion in the freezer.


When you’re ready to use the frozen applesauce, thaw it in the refrigerator overnight or use the defrost setting on your microwave. Once thawed, give it a good stir to recombine the separated liquids and ensure a smooth consistency.

rhubarb applesauce in jars with ladle.

Playing with the proportions of rhubarb applesauce

As written, this recipe produces a subtle rhubarb flavor. Adds acidity and a nice background of berry notes from the rhubarb. You can increase the rhubarb to apple ratio for a stronger flavor, up to a 1:1 ratio. With more rhubarb, you may want more sugar, so be sure to taste as you go.

Color story

No two batches of rhubarb applesauce are the same, and that’s because the color of rhubarb varies so much. Of course, the darker red rhubarb will give the sauce more pink tones. But don’t worry, even if your rhubarb is green, you’ll still get that famous flavor (and a couple drops of red food coloring never hurt anyone).

rhubarb stalks.

Applesauce Rhubarb FAQs and Tips

What else can I use instead of rhubarb in this recipe?

  • You’re spoiled for choice: strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, pears, or peaches are just a few ideas.

What other scents can I add?

  • You can add a touch of vanilla or a touch of spices like cinnamon or cardamom. Nutmeg, allspice, cloves, or ginger can also be used. Ginger can be used fresh or powdered.

What about alternatives to sugar?

  • You can use just about any sweetener or alternate sweetener you like. Honey, maple syrup, or your favorite sugar substitute can be used. You can also go completely sugar free. The apples will provide natural sweetness to balance the rhubarb for a tart applesauce.
A jar of homemade rhubarb applesauce with a spoon.



  1. Put everything in a large dutch oven or stainless steel pot and give it a good stir. Bring to a boil over medium high heat, stirring frequently.
  2. Lower the heat and allow the mixture to boil for about 20-25 minutes, stirring frequently. You want the fruit to break down and soften. Allow to cool for several minutes before continuing.
  3. Working in 2 or 3 batches (depending on the size of your processor or blender) blend the mixture until smooth. I think a food processor works best for this. The sauce won’t be lumpy, but it will still have some texture. Note: Be careful when pureeing hot foods.
  4. Taste your applesauce and add some fresh lemon juice if you think you need it.
  5. Transfer the applesauce to your storage jars and allow to cool completely before covering and refrigerating.
  6. Your homemade rhubarb applesauce will keep for about a week. Freeze for longer storage.



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