Michael Schumacher “completely different” to public perception, says former F1 colleague

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Michael Schumacher’s endearing qualities extended far beyond what Formula 1 fans witnessed on race weekends, according to a former colleague who had the privilege of working alongside the legendary driver.


Known to many as the sport’s greatest driver, Schumacher’s record of seven world titles remains unmatched except by Lewis Hamilton. His return from retirement in 2010 to support the launch of the Mercedes team generated immense excitement. Mercedes had acquired the Brawn GP team, fresh off their championship victory the previous year, and Ross Brawn, with whom Schumacher had experienced great success at Ferrari, was the team principal. Additionally, the all-German driver partnership with Nico Rosberg served as a captivating asset for the Mercedes brand.

Among the personnel present at the time was James Vowles, a budding strategist who would go on to become the Williams team principal after spending several years with the Silver Arrows. Vowles vividly remembers his time working with Schumacher, as the seven-time world champion left an indelible mark on him with his remarkable character.


Reflecting on their collaboration, Vowles revealed that Schumacher possessed a profoundly different persona from the public perception of him. He was an extraordinary individual exuding an aura and a commanding presence, which were strikingly different from his external image. “Within the team, he was focused on helping us progress and fostering unity,” Vowles shared during the Sky Sports F1 podcast. “He knew everyone’s birthdays, sent flowers to potential partners as needed, and genuinely cared for individuals in a remarkable manner.”

Schumacher’s genuine nature ignited a collective drive within the team to strive for his success. This motivation stemmed solely from his authentic self rather than any external pressure. Although he acknowledged that his performance might not have matched his peak years, Schumacher compensated for it with his unparalleled work ethic and unwavering dedication. Consequently, his relentless commitment became a valuable learning experience for Rosberg, who gleaned invaluable lessons from his illustrious teammate.



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