Meet The New Kitten Babies They arrived under devastating circumstances

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Posted July 15, 2023 by: Admin #Animals

Allow me to introduce you to these precious newborn kittens. Sadly, their arrival was accompanied by deeply distressing circumstances. However, I cannot express enough how truly thankful I am for the chance to lend them a helping hand. It fills my heart with immense gratitude to be able to offer my assistance and support during this difficult time. These adorable little ones have found their way into my care, and I am determined to provide them with the love and care they deserve. Their presence brings both joy and a renewed sense of purpose to my life.


Meet Thumper Kitty, Fern Kitty, Sprout Kitty and Bumblebee Kitty 🐰 🪴🌱🐝 I thought they deserved adorable spring names after all they’ve been through.

ICYMI: On Monday I received a call about 4 kittens that were rescued from a house fire. Firefighters took the kittens, along with their mother and 3 other cats to a local veterinary clinic for treatment. The kittens are actually the only ones not seriously injured and that’s because their mother, Freya, lay on top of them to protect them from the smoke.

Devastatingly, Freya and 2 of the other cats did not survive due to the magnitude of their smoke inhalation. The remaining cat is still hospitalized and is considered to be in critical condition. In addition to the survivors, there were more than 20 cats who did not make it out of the fire. Fortunately, however, no humans were injured.


The kittens are doing well so far and don’t seem to have any major concerns other than being dirty and sneezing a bit. I don’t know what the future holds for them, but today they are alive thanks to their amazing mother who sacrificed herself to save them. I wish more than anything that she could have been saved from her too, but all I can do now is love her babies as much as she does.

I took care of these kittens independently, so if you’d like to help cover the cost of their care, please consider making a donation ❤️ Any additional funds will be donated to Happy Endings No Kill Cat Shelter, which took the adult cats from the fire .

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The Sprout kitty is a bit ✨dramatic✨ Which Sprout Skreem™️ do you most identify with today? I feel a solid 5 😆
Kitten Fern could use some words of support and good vibes right now ❤️‍🩹 He developed diarrhea in the last few days and apparently hasn’t been able to digest any food which led to his crash this afternoon. I have started him on fluids, antibiotics and tube feeding but he is still having a lot of difficulties. This happened very quickly and seemingly out of the blue, but I hope more than anything that he can get through this. I love you Fern 😭❤️

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Related Story > And just like that, Persephone the cat is a MOM of 3! I’ll share more details later, but for now, everyone is happy, healthy, and thriving! ♥️From > @emiliexfosters follow @emiliexfosters for updates on Instagram and don’t forget to share this with your friends.



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