Life Lessons from a Wise Farmer: Avoiding Negative Influences for Success

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There was an accomplished elderly farmer who specialized in cultivating tomatoes for several years. One day, his grandson approached him, expressing his aspirations to achieve greatness and fulfill his dreams. The grandson sought advice on what pitfalls to evade.


“Grandfather, I want to achieve great things in life and make all of my dreams come true. What are the things I should avoid?”

The farmer paused thoughtfully before responding. He advised, “To start, steer clear of procrastination. Second, don’t fear failure. Third, avoid self-deception. However, the most crucial lesson, I’ll reveal in due time.”


Curious, the grandson inquired, “Why wait, grandfat  her?” The farmer explained, “The right moment will come.”

A week later, the farmer introduced his grandson to his tomato field. He showcased a substantial area where his tomatoes thrived. Observing the boy’s wonder, he asked, “How do you perceive them?”

The boy answered, “They appear robust. Strong stems, green leaves, and smooth, red fruits.”


The farmer smiled, then directed the boy’s attention to a smaller section of tomato plants. He questioned, “And these? Can you compare?”

The boy shook his head, commenting, “They seem unhealthy. Feeble stems, yellow leaves, and no fruits. What’s the cause?”

The farmer explained, “They’re surrounded by unwanted plants—weeds. These compete for nutrients, hindering their growth.”


Tapping his grandson’s shoulder, the farmer met his gaze and continued, “Now, I’ll answer your question fully. To achieve success, avoid negative people. They’re like weeds, impeding your progress. They dwell in problems, not solutions, draining your energy. Surround yourself with those who uplift you, bring joy, and inspire greatness. Choose friends wisely—they’ll support, not suppress you.”



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