James Kennedy Accused His Ex-Fiancee Raquel Leviss of ‘F—king Up Everyone’s Relationships’

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James Kennedy, a cast member of Vanderpump Rules, voiced his concerns about Raquel Leviss’ tendency to pursue unavailable men before news broke of her affair with Tom Sandoval. During a recent episode of the popular Bravo show, James felt left out of the loop as Raquel grew closer to some of their co-stars. He expressed his frustration, saying that Raquel was not only causing problems for him but was also affecting everyone else’s relationships. He cited her attempts to make out with Tom Schwartz and her toxic behavior with Lala Kent in Las Vegas, claiming that Raquel was able to get away with her actions because she was viewed as “perfect.”


Raquel, a beauty pageant contestant, originally joined the show as a guest in 2015, during her romance with James. She was later promoted to a main cast member but announced her split from James during the season 9 reunion. In season 10, she raised eyebrows by expressing interest in Katie’s then-estranged husband, Tom Schwartz. She later hooked up with Garcelle Beauvais’ son Oliver Saunders, who was married at the time to Samantha Saunders.

In response to questions about her behavior from Katie and Lala, Raquel defended herself, saying that she was just being young, fun, and single, and that the other girls were trying to make her look like she was only chasing guys they were interested in.


Since their engagement ended, James started dating Ally Lewber, while Raquel was linked to Schwartz. However, earlier this month, Us Weekly confirmed that Sandoval cheated on Ariana Madix with Raquel.

Raquel issued a public apology to Ariana, expressing deep regret for her actions and her choices. She also said that she needs to take care of her health and work on self-growth, and that she cares for Tom but needs to heal.




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