‘I’m having couples’ therapy with my ghost husband’

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British singer Brocarde tied the knot with a 36-year-old ghost named Edwardo on Halloween night in 2022. Brocarde’s relationship with Edwardo began when he visited her and declared his love for her. After two years of courtship and otherworldly intimacy, the couple decided to get married. Although the relationship is not without its complications, the connection between the two is incomparable to anything Brocarde has ever experienced before.


Before she met Edwardo, Brocarde was a skeptic of the supernatural. She had only had a few strange encounters that didn’t make her take the paranormal seriously. However, one evening, she felt a warm sensation in her heart, and someone whispered “I love you” into her ear, causing her to sit up in bed. Brocarde saw a ghostly figure of a Victorian soldier and learned that his name was Edwardo. They started a loving relationship, which she says is better than any earthly connection.

As their relationship progressed, Brocarde saw a different side to Edwardo. He can be quite jealous, and he once ripped or hid an outfit Brocarde had laid out. Brocarde admits that she wouldn’t put up with that behavior from a living man, but she is forgiving with Edwardo because she is intrigued about why she was chosen.


After nine months together, Brocarde experienced her strangest encounter yet. She felt something digging into her cheek as she slept and woke up to find a floral diamond ring on her bed, which she had never seen before. Later, she saw the words “Will you marry me?” written in the steam on the mirror, and realized it was an engagement ring from Edwardo. Their wedding was attended by guests from beyond the grave. Some friends and family were understanding, while others were not, so Brocarde left the guest list to Edwardo. They struggled to find a venue, but eventually, they got married in an old derelict chapel on Halloween.

During the wedding ceremony, Brocarde used the lyrics from her song, Haunted, which she wrote for Edwardo, as her vows. However, Edwardo’s mischievous behavior sullied their special day when he made a lewd remark about Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe, one of their spirit guests. Brocarde was annoyed and could not understand why Edwardo would make comments about another woman on their wedding day.

Brocarde has sought help from a medium to manage her relationship with Edwardo. The medium said that Brocarde needs to assert her boundaries more and that Edwardo cannot invade her thoughts whenever he wants, just because he is a spirit. Although Brocarde did not expect to have to go to marriage counseling so early into wedded life, she and Edwardo are making progress. However, Edwardo can still be temperamental, and he has ripped pages out of Brocarde’s songs that were not about him. Brocarde is unsure what the future holds for her and Edwardo.



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