‘I tried Lidl’s £1.49 dupe of £79 Charlotte Tilbury cream – it took drastic turn on day 7’

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Supermarket Lidl is currently selling a £1.49 moisturising day cream (50ml) that is said to be a dupe for the cult-favorite Magic Cream by Charlotte Tilbury, which costs a whopping £79 per 50ml pot. The Cien Q10 Anti-Wrinkle Cream, which is over 50 times cheaper, is said to share 18 ingredients with the pricier product, including Tocopheryl Acetate (an antioxidant and form of Vitamin E) and Glycerin.


Lidl claims it’s a “must-have” for those seeking “hydrated, plump, and glowing skin on a budget” and it’s previously proved so popular that it sold out. With that in mind, a writer for Mirror decided to put it to the test to see if you really can swap the bigger brands for something straight out of the supermarket – and was blown away by the results.

The writer stated that the Cien Q10 cream doesn’t come in the fancy packaging that Charlotte Tilbury offers, but for under £1.50 it’s not a bad-looking tub. The writer was expecting the cream to smell a little chemically for the price, but was pleasantly surprised to find it had a nice, fresh scent. The Lidl dupe even has a nicer scent than the Magic Cream itself. The Charlotte Tilbury sample had a strong smell, which was more similar to sunscreen than moisturizer.


The Cien Q10 absorbed a little more quickly into the skin than the Magic Cream, but both applied nicely and left the writer’s face feeling hydrated and smooth. For the first few days of using the Lidl cream, the writer’s skin looked and felt great. It was nice and soft and had a natural ‘dewy glow’ to it that many aspire to.

However, by the end of the week, things weren’t quite so rosy as the writer came to realize that the cream just wasn’t right for their skin type. The writer has quite sensitive, oily skin, and the Cien Q10 wasn’t helping with this. The dewy glow quickly turned into an oily mess, which in turn caused breakouts on the forehead.

Despite this, the writer still recommends the product. The Lidl dupe is an impressive replacement for the cult-favorite beauty item, and for someone with normal or dry skin types, it would probably work really well and be an absolute steal. Other shoppers have claimed that the cheap cream did the “same job” as the more expensive products and said their “skin loved it.” If you’re a massive fan of Charlotte Tilbury products and don’t get too much of a shiny face throughout the day, the writer recommends giving it a try at only £1.49.



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