How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches In Your Home: 8 Effective Ways

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When cockroaches invade your home, it’s essential to tackle the problem quickly. Cockroaches are hardy pests that reproduce quickly, and range in size from one to five centimetres. Luckily, we’ve developed effective, environmentally-friendly solutions to combat this invasion. Cockroaches not only feed on your foodstuffs, they also thrive in humid environments. To help you reclaim your home and ensure a peaceful living space, we’ve prepared a comprehensive guide with simple steps to eradicate these pests and prevent future infestations.

  1. Non-toxic glue traps for insect control

Using a clever mechanism, non-toxic glue traps attract insects with food pills and capture them when they get stuck in the adhesive. These traps are highly effective against cockroaches. Just discard the trapped insects and replace the glue regularly. When the traps remain empty for several consecutive days, you can be sure that your home has been rid of cockroaches without the use of harmful substances.

  1. Insect reproduction disruption with food baits

Food baits are a proactive approach to breaking the insect reproduction cycle. By catching cockroaches before they have a chance to reproduce, food baits play a crucial role in controlling their population. As cockroaches are known to feed on dead members of their species, using bait indirectly contaminates other cockroaches, eliminating the need for repeated baiting operations.

  1. Keeping cupboards clean to prevent cockroaches

Cockroaches thrive in environments that offer darkness, humidity and a supply of food. To help prevent their infestation, it’s important to regularly clean the cupboards in which you store food. For optimum results, use bleach during the cleaning process. Also, inspect cupboard walls for cracks or holes that could serve as hiding places or egg-laying sites for cockroaches. You can also minimize the incidence of cockroaches by taking care to store food properly, for example, by hermetically sealing tins and jars.

  1. Repelling cockroaches with scents

Cockroaches are exceptionally sensitive to odors, which makes certain fragrances highly effective as natural repellents. To prevent these pests from entering your home, you can create a repellent spray by combining water with 20 drops of essential oils such as lemon, lavender or eucalyptus. Apply this mixture to all corners, cracks, drains and known cockroach nests. Alternatively, use white vinegar instead of water for spraying.

  1. Baking soda’s flexibility

Baking soda is a remarkable and versatile product that can do wonders in a variety of household tasks. It is also very useful in the fight against cockroach infestations. Baking soda dehydrates cockroaches, making it lethal to them and causing them to disappear. This method can easily be used by sprinkling a small amount of baking soda in areas where cockroaches are frequently spotted, or where they pass through, or in places you want to protect from their invasion. Cockroaches find it irresistible, leading them to ingest the baking soda and suffer their fate.

  1. Blocking openings

Cockroaches are capable of slipping effortlessly into the smallest gaps. It is essential to seal cracks in your walls and ensure good insulation around your front door. Also, make sure you don’t leave windows open at night, as this can serve as an entry point for these pests.

  1. Cleaning kitchen worktops

Your kitchen worktop is the central place where you prepare meals and eat together as a family. To deter cockroaches, it’s essential to clean the worktop promptly after use. By removing crumbs and food scraps, you eliminate potential attractions for these pests.

  1. Empty and clean the dustbin

Cockroaches naturally gravitate to dustbins because of the presence of food waste. To protect your home from invasion, good waste management practices are essential. First, get into the habit of emptying your garbage can regularly to avoid the accumulation of food scraps. Secondly, be sure to clean the garbage can regularly. This vital step helps to maintain a clean environment and eliminate stubborn food residues that could attract cockroaches.




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