How to Determine Your Face Shape (The Right Way)

Determine Face Shape

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The shape of your face is a key factor in creating the most flattering look for you when it comes to your hairstyle. Do you prefer long waves or a short haircut? Why not go for a boyish hairstyle? For many of us, it takes a little thinking to ensure that the hairstyle enhances the shape of our face. From highlights to sides to a new fringe: How do you know if the style you want for 2023 is right for you? It’s all about starting with your face type.


#1 The Diamond Face Shape

Diamond face shape for women.Diamond face hairstyle

Sally Hershberger NOMAD hairstylist Scott Fabian recommends that diamond-shaped individuals with long hair “try rocking a middle part or playing with curtain bangs, it helps give the illusion of a wider forehead.” Diamond face shapes have a narrower forehead, he explains. For those with medium-length hair, “definitely add layers as well to show off the cheekbones and open up the face in all the right places,” says Fabian. This also provides the appearance of a wider forehead. If you go for short hair, Fabian recommends chin-length bobs or an angled, textured pixie with longer bangs.

Serge Normant John Frieda’s hairstylist Matt Fugate says diamond-shaped faces are a bit more rare. “They’re like oval and round, and they’re less complicated, but what you’re trying to do is strengthen the jawline so the face looks less ‘pointy.'” For long hair, Fugate says to go for a cut with a bit of facial framing right at the jawline. “A sleek, defined cut like Lucy Hale’s can make the jawline look more powerful, even if the client doesn’t have a defined one,” he explains.


#2 heart face shape

heart face shape

Fabian’s tip for heart-shaped faces is to show off those cheekbones! “If you have longer hair, try adding soft, sexy shorter layers to tone down those cheekbones,” he says. If your hair is medium to short, Fabian suggests having fun with your hair by adding texture and movement, “like Miley’s new mullet style.”

Fugate says that in most cases, oval or heart shaped face shapes are the most flattering to the eye. “It’s the most symmetrical, and therefore usually fits into any haircut,” he explains. Those with these face shapes already have an advantage, as Fugate points out that for all other face shapes, he tries to “create a haircut that gives the illusion of symmetry.”


#3 The oval face shape

oval face shapeOval face shape hairstyle

Fabian suggests that people with long hair and an oval face shape add face-framing layers to really show off their bone structure. “Oval face shapes can handle pretty much any hairstyle, but the longer the layers, the more chance the long layers will drag your face down,” he explains. “A medium length hairstyle is a perfect length for an oval face,” he says.

# 4 The shape of the round face

round face shaperound face shape hairstyle


Fabian says that for people with round faces and long hair, it’s about keeping the layers on the longer side. “This will allow the illusion of a longer face to balance out the roundness,” explains Fabian. For medium to short hair, Fabian advises a sexy side parting. “If you want to try bangs, keep the face-framing layers longer to help slim your face,” he advises.

Fugate notes that for round faces, “you want to slim down your face a bit, so leaving your strands longer can help, as the length creates a nice vertical line to draw attention to.” Fugate points out that bobs are a great hairstyle for people with round face shapes. He also likes balloons and long, flowing capes for this crowd. “Just try to avoid short, face-framing layers unless they start below the jawline,” she says.

# 5 The shape of the square face

square face shapesquare face hairstyle

Fabian says that this face shape is very versatile. For example, Zoe Kravitz and Taraji P. Henson have worn many different looks and looked great. For those with a square face shape, Fabian says long hair with shorter textured layers or a collarbone-length bob with side-swept bangs or a sexy short pixie with edgy texture is the way to go.


Fugate says that for square faces, “you want to soften and add a lot of layers, so that the movement actually hides the bone structure a little bit.” He adds that “anything choppy and loose, like draperies with soft tendrils or whispers, can be great, as can shags for a sexy, tousled move.” She thinks of Freja Beha Erichsen’s look. “There’s something truly amazing about the combination of defined cheekbones and jawline and delicate, flowing layers,” says Fugate.

#6 Rectangular face shape

rectangular face shaperectangular face shape hairstyle

The rectangular face shape tends to be longer, with more pronounced cheekbones, says Fabian. “At any length, having fuller bangs can help soften angles for long to medium length hair,” says Fabian. “I would definitely recommend adding layers to add movement and help lift your face so it doesn’t look so long,” he adds.


Fugate says that a rectangular face shape generally “goes hand in hand with a larger forehead, so [his] The style of fashion is always the bangs.” He specifies that you want the kind of bangs that are a little more fun and versatile for this face length. “They can be totally Brooklyn vibes-blunt, or longer, lashes, but as long as they create the illusion of a smaller, slimmer face, it all works.”

People with rectangular facial features can add any style to the haircut at that point, once you’ve discovered the bangs, he explains. “Even a super long look, a jawline flick or anything in between can work once you put a beautiful focal point over the eyes.”




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