Heartless customer ‘steps over’ Deliveroo driver after he collapses bringing them food

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A Deliveroo driver, identified only as Mohamed, collapsed on the street while attempting to deliver food to a luxury flat building in East London. As Mohamed lay unconscious on the pavement, heroic bystanders tried to keep him warm and conscious, while a separate delivery driver handed over the food to the customer who had been waiting outside. Despite being barely conscious, the customer then proceeded to ask Mohamed questions about their order, prompting James Farrar, the general secretary of the App Drivers and Couriers Union, to intervene.


Farrar expressed his shock at the incident, saying that it showed a “bleak London” and highlighted the brutal reality of exploitation of fast delivery services. He argued that the technology used by such services had led to the dehumanisation of workers and consumers alike, with workers viewed simply as units of production rather than human beings. Moreover, he noted that the lack of safety features in the Deliveroo app had prevented the company from flagging the fact that Mohamed was motionless and required urgent medical attention.

Farrar’s criticisms were not limited to Deliveroo, however, as he also lamented the pressure on public services and the lack of humanity displayed by the customer who stepped over Mohamed. He suggested that the incident revealed a deep-seated rot in the delivery system, which was exploited by wealthy corporations at the expense of the safety and well-being of their workers.


In response to the incident, a Deliveroo spokesperson reiterated the company’s commitment to the safety and well-being of its riders, pointing out that since 2018, Deliveroo has provided its riders with free accident insurance and extended earnings support for those who are unwell and unable to work. The spokesperson also noted that the company offers a rider support system that is always available and a safety app called ‘Flare’ that is free for all riders.

Despite this, Farrar argued that the incident demonstrated the need for greater accountability on the part of companies like Deliveroo, which he said were run by incredibly wealthy people who had a responsibility to their workers. He called for greater union representation for Deliveroo drivers and for the public to recognise the vital role that such workers play in keeping London’s delivery system running smoothly. While last night’s events may have exposed some of the flaws in the system, Farrar’s hope is that they will also inspire positive change that benefits everyone involved.



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