From Bottle Feeding to Litter Box Training: Beanie Baby’s Journey

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Posted July 4, 2023 by: Admin #Animals

Meet the Beanie Baby kitty! This sweet little guy was bottle raised by another foster, I am now weaning and litter box training while he recovers from some tummy issues. Beanie Baby is a “meat suckler,” which means he hasn’t learned to chew and lick yet, but instead sucks on wet food like a nipple. When I fed him yesterday, when we got home, Beanie had his whole face in the bowl and his paws, and he was kneading the meat while I nursed him… that’s why he looks a little wet in this pic – he cleaned himself up nicely (and then was placed on a heating pad) so it doesn’t get too crunchy! said @fosterbubbies.
Beanie Baby and I wish all you human, furry, and foster mommies a Happy Mother’s Day! said @fosterbubbies.
Beanie Baby is so lazy! She is about 5 weeks old and getting frisky. It’s fun to watch this little puffball run around and play with his toys. One thing to keep in mind with singletons is that they tend to attack human hands and feet, so it’s important to have toys nearby to redirect them. When they have a sibling, all that energy goes to their kitty friend and they can teach each other how to gently play on their squeaks when they’re being too rough. This is one of the reasons why it is so important to adopt young kittens in pairs! said @fosterbubbies.
Happy Thursday from this roly poly. He is very good in the litter box and very good at slurping up his wet food. I am still learning to drink water and eat crunchy foods. It may take singletons a bit longer to figure these things out, since they don’t have anyone to copy! Learning to cat is one more reason to #AdoptAPair! said @fosterbubbies.
Beanie Baby’s blep is too cute! said @fosterbubbies.


One thing I love about the shelter I adopt from is their pre-adoption program. Young kittens need a kitten friend to learn, play and snuggle with. Because of this, young kittens like Beanie can only be pre-adopted in pairs. As a foster, this makes sending my babies back to the shelter so much easier, knowing that they will be set up for success and a happy life with a best friend. Beanie will be available for pre-adoption very soon, and I can’t wait for her to get a kitty companion! said @fosterbubbies.

Beanie Baby is officially available for pre-adoption! In case you missed my last post, that means she’s available with another kitty as a pair. Young kittens learn so much from interacting with each other that there really is no substitute! Once you’ve seen how much fun and comfort kittens bring to each other, and how much tenderness and joy they bring to their human families, you’ll never want a kitten alone again. said @fosterbubbies.
This floofy bean is ready for its forever home. Beanie is around 6 weeks old, a critical age for emotional and social development. Kittens learn a lot from each other, which is why it’s so important for them to have kitty friends. Beanie Baby is available for pre-adoption with another kitten. #AdoptAPair said @fosterbubbies.

From > @fosterbubbies Follow @fosterbubbies on Instagram and don’t forget to share this with your friends. Related Story > Meet Blossom the Kitten! This little baby and his brother went into animal control a couple of days ago. They only weighed 88 grams and were one day old.





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