Ed Sheeran superfan: ‘I’m having a baby with my pop idol’s lookalike!’

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Ed Sheeran lookalike Ty Jones and his girlfriend, Amanda Barron, are expecting a baby girl. Amanda, a die-hard fan of Ed Sheeran, has amassed an impressive collection of his merchandise, and after joking with friends about marrying the real Ed Sheeran, she now has the next best thing with Ty. The pair met at an open mic night and quickly fell in love.


Ty has always been compared to Ed Sheeran and after a photo of him went viral, Ed himself reached out to Ty and invited him to a show in Manchester. Ty, who works as a full-time Ed Sheeran impersonator, performs at weddings and does meet-and-greets with fans. He has even started learning the guitar and mimes singing to backing tracks.

Amanda, who is already a mother-of-four, is thrilled to be having a daughter with Ty, and the couple is excited to introduce her to the world of Ed Sheeran. They have already sewn some Ed Sheeran patches onto a denim jacket for their daughter, and they are playing Ed’s song Sandman to her, which he wrote as a lullaby for his first daughter.


Despite the couple’s excitement, they have received some negative comments from trolls online. Amanda says that some people think she is only with Ty because he looks like Ed Sheeran, but she insists that they are genuinely happy together. The couple is planning to move in together after their daughter is born.

Although Ty is grateful for his fans, some have mistaken him for the real Ed Sheeran and have even been offended when he tells them the truth. However, he is thankful for his biggest supporter, Amanda, and can’t wait to welcome their daughter into the world.



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