An Emotive Tale Every Couple Should Read: A Lesson on Love, Intimacy, and Priorities

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Discover a story that holds a valuable lesson for ALL COUPLES.

As I walked through the door, my wife was setting the dinner table. Holding her hand, I shared news that would change everything. She sat down and ate quietly, her eyes revealing a familiar pain.


In that moment, I struggled to find my voice. Yet, I needed to express what was on my mind. I want a divorce. I broached the subject calmly. Her reaction was surprisingly composed; she simply asked, ‘Why?’

Unable to answer, her anger grew. She threw down her chopsticks, accusing me of lacking courage.


That night, we didn’t exchange words. Her tears spoke of a marriage shattered. I knew she sought an explanation, but admitting I’d fallen for someone else—Marie-Ève—was something I couldn’t do. I had no love left for her; only pity remained.

With guilt consuming me, I shared my divorce terms: giving her the house, car, and 30% of my business. She glanced at the offer and tore it apart.

The woman who spent a decade by my side now felt like a stranger. I regretted the wasted time, resources, and energy, but my heart belonged to Marie-Ève.


Her sobbing, though heartbreaking, felt liberating to me. My desire for divorce, which had consumed me for weeks, now seemed solidified.

The next day, I returned home late to find her writing at the table. Without eating, I went to bed, exhausted from my eventful day with Marie-Ève. Upon waking, she was still there, writing away. I paid it no mind, turned away, and went back to sleep.


By morning, she presented her divorce conditions. She wanted nothing from me but a month’s notice. During that time, she proposed we live as normally as possible—a simple reason: our son’s impending exam. She didn’t want his studies disrupted by a broken marriage.

It suited me perfectly, yet there was an extra request: she asked me to recall how I carried her over the threshold on our wedding day. Her second request was that, for this month, I carry her from the bedroom to the door every morning. I thought she was losing her mind. But for the sake of her last days, I agreed.

I shared these strange…



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