Abandoned twice, this blind dog is looking for a loving family who will never betray him

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While humans bask in the happy rays of summer, this season casts a shadow over our beloved pets, plunging them into the darkest days of the year. This phenomenon is not without reason: it’s during this period that tens of thousands of cats, dogs and other beloved creatures are unceremoniously abandoned. Jazzy, a charming canine in the care of the compassionate souls at Un Coeur sur Pattes, has endured this heartbreaking ordeal not once, but twice. Today, Jazzy’s hopeful eyes still yearn for the goodness of humanity to shine upon him.


Jazzy was abandoned by several families

In September, Jazzy, a Border Collie and spaniel mix, is about to celebrate his second birthday. Overflowing with exuberance and warmth, he covers the humans with an endless stream of affection. Yet beneath his infectious good humor lies the weight of a haunting past.

In all his splendor, Jazzy was abandoned by several families just before the lure of summer vacation. The act of abandonment, a shattering experience in itself, left him doubly wounded, amplifying the emotional devastation. Yet, against all odds, Jazzy’s spirit remains intact, his love for people undiminished. The scars of her past abandonment have failed to extinguish her positivity – a testament to her resilience, which the dedicated volunteers of Un Coeur sur Pattes strive to maintain.


As the association says when introducing their beloved pup, “If you’re looking for a canine companion who exudes cuddles, drive and boundless joy, I’m your buddy! I’m just as good at keeping myself company at home without getting into mischief. But I’m just as comfortable accompanying you to your place of work, quietly finding my corner.”

A charming twist of fate

Like the musical genre that inspired his name, Jazzy leads his life with a swinging spirit, showcasing his individuality in all its glory. Born with a congenital problem, his knees carry a malformation that gives him his unique gait. His vision is also clouded – he’s 90% blind. But fear not, this endearing quadruped has adapted perfectly to his situation. As his carers affectionately explain, “you just have to lift him up to get him into a car”. In a charming twist of fate, he sports two agate gems in place of eyes.


His gaze may seem empty at first glance, but make no mistake: in those depths lies a glow, a spark of life that warms the soul. It’s the fire emanating from his unquenchable joie de vivre, a spirit that refuses to be extinguished.

Who will offer him the chance to rewrite his story

Placed with a foster family in Annoire (39), Jazzy awaits his future home in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté. The association paints a vivid portrait of him, and appeals to those looking for a remarkable, independent and magnificent companion. “If you’re ready to welcome me as I am, with all my uniqueness, then I’m all yours,” they proclaim on his behalf.


But who will be the hero of Jazzy’s story? Who will offer him the chance to rewrite his story, leaving behind the painful echoes of abandonment? Thanks to an adoption that promises love and acceptance, Jazzy will be able to close the chapter on his past and embark on a new journey, his heart lit up with hope.


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