A brave woman rescues a dog that was abandoned and tied to a window

Abandoned Animals courageous Dog fastened intervenes save window Woman

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Dogs are creatures that depend on us for survival and need our love, attention and respect; they require food and water, but they also need exercise, companionship and the opportunity to run free almost as much.


Although we wish we didn’t have to share the story of Hope, the beautiful St. Bernard, the reality is that the story is more common than people think. Lima, the capital of Peru, is home to Villa Mara del Triunfo, where a concerned resident discovered a distraught dog, chained and alone.

Allison arrived to find a small dog tied to a window with a heavy chain, completely abandoned by his guardian. It turned out that the animal had spent an entire year in this situation.


Luckily, its rescuer arrived just in time. Ever since, the rescuer helped it get a fresh start in life, and even went to the police about it. However, this was just the first step in a long battle to get the authorities to intervene on the little animal’s behalf.

Concerned neighbors have reported the situation in the past, yet nothing has been done to save the animal. Alisson wrote in a post, “As you can see, the dog is still in this house to this day,” before rescuing the scared animal.


As a result of her exposure to malnutrition, this poor innocent dog now weighs 25kg less than it should. It is also anemic, suffers from ear infections and dermatitis, and has several cuts and scrapes all over its body. The kind-hearted Alisson has provided the contact information for anyone who would like to contribute to Hope’s recovery.

She said, “It fills me with helplessness to do nothing and stand by while this innocent animal suffers.


The person who committed this despicable crime has not been found, and has so far escaped punishment. The most crucial fact, however, is that Hope is now on a healing path thanks to the pressure that has been applied and the empathy that has been unleashed as a result of this case on social media.

Thanks to Colas’ vet Mar, Hope is groomed and dewormed, but she still has a long road of rehabilitation ahead of her. I want to express my gratitude to everyone who shared my video. In her letter, Alisson expressed her gratitude to God and all those who helped her.


Hope will hopefully never have to put up with the harmful and unnecessary thoughts and actions, as well as the recklessness, of a few others again.

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