3 Best Ways to Cat-Proof and Protect Your Couch

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Pets can be a real challenge when it comes to keeping things in order. Although they’re undeniably adorable, these little furry friends can sometimes become quite cumbersome. They tend to wander off, leave furry trails on the floor and, occasionally, cause havoc on your most cherished pieces of furniture. So if you’re looking for ways to protect your furniture and prevent your pets from taking over your sofas and armchairs, we’ve got three friendly tips to help you solve the problem.


Why does my cat scratch the sofa?

Clawing is a natural behavior for cats, allowing them to mark their territory. If your feline friend is excited, he instinctively pulls out his front claws and uses them to scratch surfaces such as tree trunks, carpets or sofa armrests. To do this, he alternately pulls on one paw and then the other, sometimes damaging wires or pieces of wood.

  • Scratching, a form of communication

When cats scratch, they’re not just visually marking their territory, but also communicating via chemical signals. They have glands between their pads that release pheromones, thus adding an extra layer of communication. Cats scratch to set clear boundaries for other felines, preventing potential conflicts. The pheromones they deposit when scratching are veritable messages between individuals of the same species.


It should be noted that cats generally prefer to scratch vertical surfaces rather than horizontal ones.

Other benefits of scratching:

Promotes healthy muscles: Scratching helps maintain strong limbs and a healthy spine, keeping your feline friend active and agile.


Perfect claw maintenance: It’s essential that cats keep their claws in perfect condition, and scratching offers them a natural way to do so, avoiding any discomfort or problems associated with overly long claws.

Relieving stress: Cats can express stress by scratching in certain areas. This behavior can be triggered by various factors, such as overcrowding (when there are too many cats in a confined space), the arrival of a new cat or kitten, or even changes in the environment, such as moving furniture or moving into a new home.

By understanding the additional functions of scratching, you can better contribute to your cat’s general well-being and provide him with the means to express himself.


Keep your sofa and armchair in perfect condition with a cover

An armchair cover is an effective solution for protecting your furniture from potential damage caused by pets. It’s an essential accessory for households with children and pets, providing a solid shield against dirt, tears, dust and daily wear and tear. What’s more, it adds a touch of freshness to the overall look of your furniture.

These covers don’t just protect your sofas, they’re also a trendy decorative accessory that adds character to your furniture. Thanks to the aesthetics of these covers, you can explore different decorating styles and add a simple yet creative touch to your interior design.

The reliable protection provided by these covers means you no longer have to worry about your beloved pets getting too close to your beautiful furniture. Gone are the days when you had to keep a constant eye on them to prevent them from lounging on your sofa or armchair. You can count on this simple and original solution to perfect your interior design.


Choose an armchair protector for added protection

This little jewel acts as a shield between your precious sofa and your pets. Like a slipcover, it protects your furniture from any potential accidents caused by your furry friends. But what sets it apart is that it specifically covers the most vulnerable areas of your precious furniture.

By covering the areas most exposed to dirt and wear, this protector becomes the ideal choice for showcasing your beautiful furniture while ensuring it remains unscathed by your pets’ mischievous ways. What’s more, the chair protector doubles up as a stylish decorative accessory, effortlessly enhancing the elegance of your living room.


Regular pet cleaning

Looking after your furry friends is essential to prevent unwanted damage to your sofas and armchairs. Grooming on a regular basis is essential to ensure that your pets stay clean and don’t excessively soil your furniture. Regular bathing will help keep your armchairs in pristine condition. In addition, frequent brushing will prevent excessive shedding on your beloved sofas.

If you own a cat, it’s essential to trim its claws regularly, ideally at least once a week. This practice greatly reduces the potential damage caused by their scratching instinct. You can also teach your cat to use scratching posts by strategically placing them near areas you wish to protect.

If your cat starts scratching your sofa, try placing his scratching post nearby. The aim is to encourage him to claw on the post or cushion provided. Remember that cats are natural clawers, so it’s important to offer them suitable alternatives. You could even lure your cat away from the furniture by encouraging him to play with a string or a fun squeaky toy.



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